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The Sky at Night ~  BBC Long Running Television Programme

It is with great sadness that we have learned today (24th September 2013), and had this confirmed by the BBC, that  the Sky at Night is to end.  It is to be hoped that it will not.  It is the only regular TV programme in the UK that focuses solely on astronomy and seeks to address an audience of intelligent and enquiring people with a passion in astronomy.  

There is a petition that you can sign asking the BBC not to cancel the programme.  The link is...

It may be that it is time to look at the format of the programme.  However, there is a clear need for an informative programme on astronomy that should air at least once a month and that does not seem too much to ask of the BBC whose mission, after all,  is to inform, educate and entertain. 

Abandoning astronomy which is a science that is growing at an exponential rate, will do nothing to inspire science in our young people or the promotion of science in general.  We hope the BBC will reconsider its decision.  Please sign the petition.

The Local Group