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From Chinese gunpowder to Saturn 5 ~ Barry Edwards

Rockets are relatively lightweight and powerful, capable of generating large accelerations and of attaining extremely high speeds with reasonable efficiency. Rockets are not reliant on the atmosphere and work very well in space.  Rockets are one of the most amazing technologies humans have invented so far. We use them for space travel, wars, and for fun! Just some of the fun things you can do with rockets are to make model rockets, fireworks, and tiny rockets made with matches! But not all rockets require a dangerous combustible propellant to travel, you can make rockets that are water and air powered!  Barry will explain the development of rockets from fireworks to the Moon.

612 Foundation ~ Simon Allen

66 Million years ago an event occurred that is called The Cretaceous–Paleogene (K–Pg) extinction event.   On 30th June 1908 there was The Tunguska event.   On 15th February 2013 at Chelyabinsk, Russia, another event occurred.  All these events are believed to be asteroids colliding with Earth.  Just how common are they? The B612 foundation believes that they are much more frequent than we have previously thought and that an asteroid impact with Earth is a real risk and one that we need to take action to mitigate,  now.

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