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Solargraphy and Making a Camera ~ Bob Okines

Solarigrafia, solarigraphy, solargraphy is a photographic method for recording the paths of the Sun. Solargraphy is the art of pinhole photography and a part of Space Art, too.  Solarigraphics or solargraphsare pinhole photographs taken with a lensless pinhole camera with a long exposure. By doing so the invisible movements of the Sun can be made visible in landscapes.  The movements of the sun will appear without developing photographic paper with any chemicals. One of the most special things about this method is the fact that although a piece of black and white photographic paper is used as the light sensitive material inside the pinhole camera, the outcome is a color photo.

Britains First Early Warning System ~ Roy Bicknell

In the late 1700’s, Napoleon was beginning to upset most of Europe so William Pitt the younger thought it would be a good idea if any French invasion of Britain could be detected before it arrived on our shores.

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