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Measuring the acceleration due to gravity in the UK ~ Dr Vicki Smith ~ NERC Herstmonceux

The measurement of the acceleration due to gravity on the Earth’s surface can tell us information about movement of the Earth’s crust, as well as mass displacements above and below the measurement. Over ten years of gravity measurements have been taken at the UK’s Space Geodesy Facility, giving a unique time series of data which adds valuable information to the other geodetic techniques. This talk will explain the objectives of the continuing measurements, the instrumentation used at present and the future plans for absolute measurements of gravity in the UK.

Vicki studied at Sussex University, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Physics with Astrophysics and a masters degree in Engineering.  She has worked at the SGF for over 15 years and has studied for a doctorate at University College London, the subject of which has been the gravity work carried out at the SGF since 2006.

Messier Objects ~ David Hornsby

A look at the man and his catalogues and the inspiration he gained from the Great Comet of 1744

Eclipse 2017: An American Odyssey  ~ Justin Allen & David Pulley

Both Justin and David went to the US to observe the eclipse.  Here they discuss what they saw.

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