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Beyond the Moon and Mars, Earth II – a new home for mankind ~ Roger Dymock (Hants AS)

My talk will try and answer the following questions;

Why should we seek a new home on an exoplanet?

How many planets and intelligent civilisations are there?

Where might we find habitable planet?

How would we get there?

Who or what would go?

Who knows what we might be capable of in the future so I can only try and answer those questions  based on what we know now.


Galaxy AGC 198691 ~ Ronald Anderson

AGC - Arecibo General catalogue. Yet another to add to the list given at the last meeting.  This is a faint blue galaxy about 30 million light-years from Earth and located in the constellation Leo Minor could shed new light on conditions at the birth of the universe.  Astronomers at Indiana University recently found that a galaxy nicknamed Leoncino, or “little lion,” contains the lowest level of heavy chemical elements, or “metals,” ever observed in a gravitationally bound system of stars.  Leoncino is considered a member of the "local universe," a region of space within about 1 billion light years from Earth and estimated to contain several million galaxies, of which only a small portion have been catalogued.


Results of the pin hole photography exercise ~ Bob Okines & David Pulley

We will review five more recent images from members

The Local Group