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The Myopic Telescope and a Cosmic History of Hydrogen ~ Steve Cunningham, Univ. of Portsmouth

Abstract: Exploring the dynamic nature of our Universe typically uses evidence from vast catalogues of detected galaxies whose position traces large-scale cosmic structure. A faster, more precise technique for probing this structure involving low resolution mapping of hydrogen from galaxies is becoming popular among cosmologists. I will introduce this method which could potentially revelotionise our understanding of the early Universe and of phenomena such as dark energy. 

Meteor detection ~ Bob Okines

The problem with viewing and imaging meteors is their unpredictability.  Look away for a second and you miss them.  It's even more difficult to photograph them as they are only there for a split second.  Most photos of meteors that we see tend to be chance shots that happen when photographing something else.  And then it is normally only one.
Wouldn't it be nice to image every meteor that appears throughout the entire night.  This project aims to do just that.

Month in astronomy ~ David Pulley

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