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Past Years Videos


Meetings from March 2020 have been rescheduled because off the Covid 19 outbreak.  However we will be holding some meetings using Zoom conferencing software.




January 2023

Yerkes Observatory ~ Mike Frost (BAA Historical Section Lead)


February 2023

The phenomenal and Extremely Large Telescope (ELT) and its Instruments - taking astronomy into the 2030's ~ Mick Johnson


March 2023

Cosmology ~ Dr. Roger Wood


April 2023

A new satellite for geodesy and for testing relativity ~  Dr Graham Appleby


May 2023

Planets. Exoplanets and Life ~ David Pulley


June 2023

Ramblings of an astronomer ~   Ian Sharp


July 2023

The Carrington Event and The Hodgson Refractor


 September 2023

The billion light-year map: An update on charting the Universe with the MeerKAT radio telescope ~ Dr. Steve Cunnington (Univ. of Manchester)


October 2023

The Optimists View of Fusion Power (or How to Make a Profit from Venture Capital) ~ Dr. Tony Baxter


Novermber 2023

Variable Stars - How and Why They Vary ~ Gary Poyner (BAA)


December 2023

Volcanism in the Solar System.~ Ronald Anderson

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