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Meetings from March 2020 have been rescheduled because of the Covid 19 outbreak.  However we will be holding some meetings using Zoom conferencing software.




January 2024

The Golden Age of Islamic Science  ~ Jan Drozd (Wadhurst and Tunbridge Wells AS)


February 2024

Dark Matter ~ Dr Stveve Barratt (University of Liverpool)


March 2024

Van Allen Radiation Belts ~ Dr. Sam Walton (University of California, Berkley)


April 2024

The Orbit of Mars ~ Dr. Jane Clark


May 2024

Gravitational Wave Astronomy ~ Prof. Martin Hendry (University of Glasgow)


June 2024

It is time to leave the Earth, and we can do it ~ Simon Allen


July 2024

So simple a thing as a star ~ Dr. Robert Smith (Univ. of Sussex)


September 2024

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away: probing the distant gravitational universe with LISA ~ Professor Martin Hendry (University of Glasgow)


October 2024

The James Webb Space Telescope – Exploring the Edge ~ Dr Chris Crowe (Harrow School)





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