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December 2013   Time ~ Roger Wood (more)
                                 Street Lighting ~ a discussion
                                 Processing an Image of the galaxy NGC253 ~ David Pulley

November 2013: A Lifetime in the Instrument trade ~  David Wallis (more)

                                 Following the G2 Gas Cloud towards the Galactic Centre ~ David Pulley

October 2013:  A visit to the Geodesy Centre, Herstmonceux

October 2013: So you want to be an astronaut? ~ Peter Bolwell (more)
                            Comet C/2013 S1 (ISON) ~ Roy Bicknell
                            Detection of filaments of Dark Matter ~ Tony Baxter
September 2013: The New Frontier in Physics: Dark Matter Mysteries ~ Justin Allen
                                  Sierra Stars Observatories ~ Rich Williams (more)

August 2013: No Meeting

July 2013: The Origin of the Elements ~ Roger Wood (more)
                     Astro Imaging: Using FITS Liberator ~ David Pulley
June 2013: The latest developments in the Space Elevator.   ~ Simon Allen
                       AStro Imaging: Using Registax ~ Roy Bicknell (more)
May 2013:  Double Stars ~ Roy Bicknell; 
                     A Practical Approach to Telescope Design ~ Barry Soden (more)

April 2013: Variable Stars ~ Norman Walker(more)

March 2013:  Cancelled because of snow

February 2013:  Telescopes and how to make them ~ David Hornsby:
                     Controlling an observing dome ~ Bob Okines (more)

January 2013:  Cosmic Backgrounds ~ Dr Tony Baxter (more) (video)


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