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Astronomy in Western Art ~ Dr.: Jan Drozd

How astronomy has been included or portrayed in Western Art since ancient cave paintings to modern times, with a focus on Western Europe from about AD1000.  (article attached)

Dr Jan Drozd received a D.Phil degree in microbiology/biochemistry in 1971 from the University of Sussex. He then received a Royal Society European Fellowship to continue his work at a German University, where he met his wife. After this he was, for a couple of years, a member of staff in the biochemistry department at the University of Leicester. Following this, he worked for many years on biotechnology projects for Shell Research Ltd and was an advisor on biotechnology to the UK government and the OECD in Paris. On retirement he decided to follow his long held interest in astronomy and joined Wadhurst Astronomy Society. He is especially interested in the history of astronomy and its interface with art. The latter was partly inspired 'Art for 6th form Scientists' talks at his school

Astro-Spectroscopy: the secret life of the stars ~ Sebastian von Harrach & Roger Wood

Spectroscopic observations of celestial objects have revealed a wealth of detail about their compositions, motions and evolution. In a lightning tour through a vast subject Sebastian and Roger aim to touch on how and why spectra are formed; give some history of spectroscopy in astronomy; indicate the instruments used at the telescope; and outline some of the science to be gleaned from astronomical spectra.  Tonight we will also look at what amateurs can do in this field.

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