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December 2016

NASA's biggest blunders - Barry Soden

Soligraphy (Part II) - Bob Okines

This months night sky ~ Roy Bicknell

November 2016

Some units used in astronomy ~ Roger Wood

Various News Items (depending upon time) ~ David Pulley

What’s the matter with Dark Matter?

Proxima 1b, our new neighbour

The speed of light

Cerenkov Radiation & Gamma Ray Astronomy ~ Tony Baxter

October 2016

Gravitational Waves in the early Universe ~ Prof. Mark Hindmarsh (University of Sussex)

Early life on earth ~ Ronald Anderson

The Kennedy Space Centre~ Barry Edwards

September 2016

John Harrison and Longitude ~ Brian Mills FRAS

An update on Solarigraphy - Bob Okines/David Pulley

Occultation of Neptune - Simon Allen

What is in the news: Proxima b - David Pulley

July 2016 (more)

Observing and Measuring Comets - Roger Dymock

Pin Hole Photography ~ Bob Okines

Hubble Constant and Aliens ~ David Pulley

June 2016

Lunar Occulations ~ Dr Graham Appleby

A garden Observatory ~ Jim Truelove

This month's night sky

May 2016

Mission to Bennu ~ Carl Hergenrother (University of Arizona)

Live Link with Tim Peake ~ Graham Forster

Pronounciation ~ Astronomer's problems - Roy Bicknell

Images of the tranbsit of Mercury

April 2016 (more)

Sunspots and Star spots ~ Dr Robert Smith (University of Sussex) 

A DSLR pin hole camera ~ Bob Okines

The forthcomingh Transit of Mercury ~ Roy Bicknell

Next months talk ~ Simon Allen

March 2016 (more)

Radar remote sensing: Monitoring our homes, skies, and planets ~ Dr. Matthew Brolly (University of Brighton)

Black Holes, Spacetime and the case for Gravitational Waves ~ A discussion lead by Mike Oakes, Simon Allen, Tony Baxter and David Pulley

February 2016 (more)

Astrobiology ~ Ronald Anderson

Compact Nuclear Fusion ~ Dr Tony Baxter

Planet 9 or Planet X ~ David Pulley

January 2016 (more)

The Sands of Time: Babylonian Astronomy and the Earth's Rotation ~ Dr. Leslie Morrison

Everything you wanted to know about the JWT but were afraid to ask ~ Simon Allen & David Pulley

Update on Britain's First Early Warning System ~ Roy Bicknell


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