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December 2019

Apollo: Getting to the Moon ~ Alistair Farley

November 2019 (more)

A Window Through The Universe ~ Peter Bull MBE

October 2019 (more)

Three short talks from David Hornsby, David Pulley &Roger Wood

September 2019 (more)

OSIRIS REx: Arrival at Bennu ~ Carl Hergenrother: Univ. of Arizona

Month in Astronomy ~ David Pulley

August 2019

Summer Break

July 2019 (more)

Barnard's Star ~ Roy Bicknell

Thins to photograph: The Moon ~ David Pulley

June 2019

No meeting; venue being refurbished

May 2019 (more)

Is there anyone out there ~ Roger Dymock BAA Associate Director for Exoplanets

Imaging the International Space Station ~ David Pulley

April 2019 (more)

Aliens view of Earth ~ Dr. Jan Drozd

EOS Backyard ~ Roy Bicknell

Imaging the ISS in transit ~ David Pulley

March 2019 (More)

Fermi Paradox ~ Ronald Anderson

Month in astronomy ~ David Pulley

Supersymmetry and the cosmological model ~ Tony Baxter

February 2019 (more)

The Myopic Telescope and a Cosmic History of Hydrogen ~ Steve Cunningham ~ Univ. of Portsmouth

Meteor capture ~ Bob Okines

Month in Astronomy ~ David Pulley

January 2019 (more)

The WEAVE multi-object spectrograph for the William Herschel Telescope ~ Dr Chris Benn (Head of Astronomy, Isaac Newton Group of Teescopes)


Multimessenger Astronomy: Two Major Papers from 2018 ~ Dr Tony Baxter


The Local Group