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The following paper gives good background on time measurenmt of time... "Achieving better than 1 minute accuracy in the heliocentric an bary centric Julian Dates" ~ Jason Eastman et al.

Another good source of time information is from the US Naval Observatory at

A summary of time (set your time zone (to 0) and latitude ~ Brighton 0.16 W; Newhaven 0.06E; Eastbourne 0.17E; Bexhill/Battle 0.48E; Hastings 0.60E.  Click here for other Sussex towns). Astronomical Clocks

Julian date to UT (and back) converter. Julian/UT and UT/Julian

Julian to Heliocentric Julian Date converter.  JD to HJD (Link to be added) 

Local Sidereal Time calculator.  Insert your desired longitude as decimal degrees (Bexhill ~ 0.483; Hastings ~ 0.60)... LST

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