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May 2018 (more)

Observational Cosmology: The next generation of telescopes ~ Steve Cunnington (Univ. of Portsmouth)

The Casimir Effect and and minus one twelth ~ Justin Allen

April 2018 (more)

Astronomical Blunders in Science Fiction ~ Jan Drozd (Wadhurst   AS)

WARP Factor 1: Shining  light on light ~ David Pulley

March 2018 (more)

Revisiting the wonders to be seen in the day sky! ~ Barry Soden

When is a planet not a planet? ~ Ronald Anderson

Pin hole photography on a large scale ~ Alan Popplestone

Febuary 2018 (more)

LIGO and Gravitational Waves ~ Professor Matt Evans ~ MIT

How to plan your next holiday ~ David Pulley

January 2018

        The Language(s) of Astronomy ~ Peter Bolwell

Images of the August solar eclipse ~ Justin Allen

Imaging opportunities and other things ~ David Pulley

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