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Meetings from March 2020 have beencancelled because off the virus out break.

January 2020 ~ (more)

Simple Astro Photography using a DSLR ~ John Fox

The promotion of Hygiea to a Dwarf Planet ~ Ronald Anderson

Whatever is happening to Betelgeuse ~ Simon Allen

February 2020 (more)

Space Weather - Protecting the Earth from the ravages of the Sun ~ Sam Walton (University College London)

Return of the Background ~ Tony Baxter

The Moon and Venus ~ David Pulley

March 2020 (more)

Birr Castle, The Earls of Rosse and the Giant Telescope ~ Brian Mills (Wadhurst AS)

April 2020

Exoplanets, Space Telescopes and the Search for (Intelligent) Life ~ David Pulley

May 2020

Remote Sensing of the Saturnian System: The Titanic Struggle to Get There ~ Dr. Graeme Alcock (University of Brighton)

June 2020

Black holes from the Big Bang ~ Dr Christian Byrnes (Univ. of Sussex)

July 2020

The Ancient Egyptians and their Astronomy ~ Dr Pauline Norris

August 2020

No meeting ~ Summer Recess

September 2020

A Tale of Two Saturnian Moons; - The Quest for Life, But Not As We Know It ~ Dr. Graeme Alcock (University of Brighton)

October 2020

Telescope instrumentation ~ Dr. Alan Popplestone

November 2020

OSIRUS – Rex: The Results ~ Carl Hergenrother (University of Arizona)

December 2020

Members short talks


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