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December 2017

Gravitational Lensing ~ David Hornsby

The ISS and predicting lunar and solar transits ~ Simon Allen

Any other business ~ David Pulley

November 2017 (more)

Advancing Astrophysics with Machine Learning ~ Jessica Hislop (University of Sussex) 

Images of the August solar eclipse ~ Justin Allen

The Local Group Accounts ~ Barry Soden

Life after Kepler ~ David Pulley

October 2017 (more)

"Beyond the Moon and Mars, Earth II – a new home for mankind" ~ Roger Dymock (Hants AS)

"Galaxy AGC 198691" ~ Ronald Anderson

Results of the pin hole photography exercise ~ Bob Okines & David Pulley

September 2017 (more)

Measuring the acceleration due to gravity in the UK ~ Dr Vicki Smith ~ NERC Herstmonceux

Messier Objects ~ David Hornsby

Eclipse 2017: An American Odyssey ~ Justin Allen; David Pulley

August 2017

Eclipse 2017 Live ~ Simon Allen

July 2017 (more)

Exploring the end of the Dark Ages ~ Dr Stephen Wilkins   ~University of Sussex

The European Extremely Large Telescope ~ Roger Wood

Pin hole photography ~ Bob Okines

June 2017 (more)       

Cosmology: A look at where we all come from ~ BobTurner FRAS

The night sky: June and July ~ Roy Bicknell

TLG forthcoming programme ~ David Pulley

May 2017

So how do we know they are planets? ~ D. Pulley

Computational mathematics ~ Simon Allen

Amateur spectroscopy ~ Sebastian von Harrach

April 2017 (more)       

Astronomy in Western Art ~ Dr.: Jan Drozd

Astro-Spectroscopy: the secret life of the stars (contd.)~ Sebastian von Harrach & Roger Wood

March 2017 (more)

Astro-Spectroscopy: the secret life of the stars ~ Sebastian von Harrach & Roger Wood

February 2017 (more)

The Search for E.T. ~ William Joyce FRAS

Predicting the Future: Life and Times of KIC 9832227 ~ David Pulley

January 2017 (more)

Megalithic Standing Stones and Astronomical Alignments ~ Dr. Leslie Morrison

Imaging the analemma: Theory and Practice ~ Bob Okines and Simon Allen

Some interesting things in this month’s night sky (time permitting) ~ David Pulley


The Local Group