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Past Years Videos


Meetings from March 2020 have been rescheduled because off the Covid 19 outbreak.  However we will be holding some meetings using conferencing software.


January 2021 ~ (more)

Understanding Hubble's Expanding Universe ~ D. Roger Wood

February 2021 (more)

The Arecebo Telescope ~ Justin & Simon Allen

March 2021  (More)

How the Universe will end ~ Prof. Brad Gibson (Univ. of Hull)

April 2021 (More)

Night Light or Night Blight ~ Bob Mizon

May 2021 (More)

What is dark matter ~ Ronald Anderson

June 2021 (More)

Do Photons have mass ~ Barry Soden

Is fusion power within sight ~ Dr. Tony Baxter

July 2021 (More)

The other problem with Starlink ~ Phil Herridge

August 2021

No meeting ~ Summer recess

September 2021(More)

Lagrangian Points ~ Dr. Roger Wood

October 2021 (More)

Sunspots and starspots ~ Dr. Robert Smith, University of Sussex

November 2021 (More)

Birr Castle, the Earl of Rosse and the great telescope ~ Brian Mills (Wadhurst AS)

December 2021 (More)

An update on the OSIRIS-Rex mission and sample retrieval from asteroid Bennu ~ Carl Hergenrother (NASA and the Univ. of Arizona)



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